• Welcome to the website of Aquila Online! I hope you'll enjoy your stay!
  • Launch event! Increased EXP and Drop rates! Only for the first week!
  • Want to learn more about the server? Check out the "Server Info" section in the navigation bar!



  • On Aquila, you level with Quests.
  • You make money by simply killing enemies.
  • Drop rates are intermediate, you will drop greens & more quite frequent.


  • The Guides are entirely available ingame.
  • For other information, make sure to join the Discord Server.


  • Killing Monsters will drop Money directly. Pick it up and it will be added directly to your funds.
  • At the beginning, monsters won't drop much money, but with the levels increasing, the amount will increase.
  • Clearing Quests will reward you with 15 silvers each.


  • You can Vendor everywhere you want.
  • Additionally to vendoring, there is an Auction House in every city, make sure to try it out!


  • Item Shop Items can be found within treasure chests.
  • There is no need in investing a single cent into Aquila, since everything can be obtained by just playing the game.
  • Lunar and Solar will be required to upgrade Tier4/Tier5 Equipment to +11/+12.
  • Many custom instance dungeons wait for you open to explore!
  • Many Mini-Pets will act as an Auto-Buffer, granting you various buff-scroll effects.
  • Different Tiers of Weapon Skins are available at the NPC, at Dungeon Bosses and from the Gear Progression.
  • Stable FPS when playing Aquila, even with many players on the screen!